Providing risk expertise to
brokers and businesses

Entegre Risk Services is committed to delivering high quality, consistent levels of property risk and risk consulting expertise to the domestic and global insurance markets and industry.

Based in Australia, and with clients throughout metropolitan and regional Australia and internationally, Entegre provides property survey and other risk services to brokers, insurers and a range of organisations – from large multinational and ASX companies to small, family-owned operations.

We draw on our deep experience working in insurance and corporate risk to give our clients property survey and other risk services, creating a unique risk profile for each client and providing strategies to help minimise business risk.

Who we work with





What we offer

Property risk reports


  • Natural Catastrophe (NatCat) assessments
  • Loss estimate reviews
  • Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposure (COPE) services
  • Risk improvement recommendations

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Risk consulting


  • Assurance and control reviews
  • Business reliance management
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) services
  • Risk engineering
  • Supply chain management

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What our clients say about us

Highly professional team

We have no doubt that Entegre’s Property Risk Report helped us to secure the best terms that the current market can provide. We were impressed by the team’s fast service and their excellent reputation meant the report was well received – helping clarify and alleviate any concerns insurers had about their products and their processes.