Risk consulting

We can help you understand your organisation’s unique risk profile, so you can protect your assets with confidence


When it comes to protecting your organisation, you don’t want to take any chances. At the same time, buying more insurance than you need can increase your operating costs and erode your margins. That’s where our risk consulting services come in – identifying and assessing your specific risks and helping ensure you have the right risk strategies (including the right level of cover) to meet your risk profile.

Entegre can help by providing a range of reviews including:

  • Assurance and control reviews
  • Business reliance management
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) services
  • Risk engineering
  • Supply chain management

Our unique insights and experience can help you gain an understanding of the many forces involved in risk mitigation. We form long-standing partnerships with our clients so we can deliver high-quality risk programs that help you build your business with confidence.