Property risk reports

A fact-based, detailed property site review can change the way a business manages risk forever


Property is a key business asset – so it’s critical to understand any risks to this major asset and mitigate them properly and cost effectively. A detailed site review from Entegre can help ensure your business understands all the risks a property faces – and how to best manage and control them.

Entegre property risk reports


Entegre can survey and review a business’s property/s and operations to identify potential risks by completing a range of physical site assessments, operational review and reports, including:

  • Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposure (COPE) Report
  • Natural Catastrophe (NatCat) assessments
  • Assessment Management
  • Liability exposures
  • Loss estimates
  • Risk improvement recommendations
  • Construction gradings in line with domestic and international insurance ratings
  • Site fire protection and detection systems
  • Occupancy ratings as per ANZSIC and SIC occupancy codes
  • Direct and indirect site and business operational exposures
  • Site-to-site benchmarking

Our engineers conduct a site inspection to evaluate the risks of insuring the property. They then create a tailored report, based on your industry and the unique risks you face – and deliver this to you, your broker and insurance underwriter to help shape your cover and risk management strategies.

Because we are an independent party, this report is not aligned with any one insurance provider, which means that you or your broker can provide this report to any insurer you choose.

What does the report include?


Our reports analyse aspects of the property, and detail risks important to the level of cover. This may include:

  • The physical specifications of the property, including size and age
  • The material it is constructed from
  • What fire and other protections are in place
  • How the building is being used
  • Any current or potential environmental issues.

Our report may also examine the surrounding area of the property, in case there are additional conditions which might increase the likelihood of an event taking place – for example, flammable materials.